Body Treatments

1. Hopi Ear Candles
Hopi Ear Candling, or Thermo Auricular Therapy as its also know can be used to treat many conditions of the ear, nose and throat area. The candles work by Vaporising their ingredients once lit causing convectional air flows towards the first chamber of the ear it then creates a mild suction which lets the vapours gently massage the ear drum and auditory canal.
Once the candle is placed in the ear it form a seal which enables wax and other impurities to be drawn out of the ear.
This treatment includes a scalp and facial pressure point massage.                                                                                                                                                                                             30 minutes -

2. Exfoliating Salt Scrub
Using the iconic Kurland salt Scrub it provides a full body exfoliation using pure salt and hydrating oil, which leaves the skin feeling silky smooth.                              45 minutes -

3. Kurland Body Wrap
Let thoughts drift away whilst being cocooned in a comforting foil wrap and treated to a pressure point facial massage and destress scalp treatment.

Chose from the following:

Classic Moor mud wrap - This treatment helps to relax muscle tensions, soothes rheumatic complaints and is know to be anti-inflammatory.

Creampeeling Wrap - This treatment is an experience for senses and purifies the skin. The gentle exfoliation leaves the skin silky soft.

Scotish Scrub - This treatment with pure natural sea salt disinfects, helps to prevent irritations, inflammations and leaves the skin silky soft.

Cleopatra Wrap - for a skin like the Egyptian queen! This treatment is skin calming, nourishing and revitalising. Wonderfully relaxing and true skin beauty experience.

Herbal Drainage Algae Treatment - This treatment helps to bring moisture in the skin and supplies it with minerals and trace elements without closing the pores. The results are a radiant and beautiful skin and an excellent prevention against the formation of wrinkles and cellulite.                                                                                                     60 minutes£47                    

4. S.O.S Back Cleanse
Treatment helps with oiliness and congestion. The back is body brushed, cleansed, exfoliated, relaxed with a therapeutic massage and finished with treatment mask. 

45 minutes

Massage Treatments
Massage is the perfect way to relax and de-stress. We have a complete range of body massage treatment than can be customised to meet your individual needs and ease tired muscles.

1. Harmony Massage
Kurland Body Oil, this popular body massage is tailored to your individual needs. Following a personal consultation, the therapist will apply various techniques and pressures for ultimate relaxation and pampering.
back, neck & shoulders 30 minutes - £27/ full body - £39

2. Warm Bamboo Massage 
The bamboo cone replaces the therapiest's hands and it's used to give a deep, firm massage. Relieves neck, shoulders and upper back pain well as stiffness. Increases mental clarity and cures depression. It increases lymphotic drainage and helps remove toxins from the body.
back, neck & shoulders 50 minutes - £40/ full body 75 minutes - £58

3. Trigger Point Therapy
This massage therapy is specifically designed to alleviate the source of the pain through cycles of isolated pressure and release. You can expect a significant decrease in pain after just one treatment.
30 minutes - £35

4. Aromatherapy Massage
This function of eastern and western massage helps to restore your body's natural balance by incorporating pressure point techniques and using specially selected essential oils. 

back, neck & shoulders 30 minutes - £30/ full body - £43

5. Hot Stone Massage
Heated, smooth black basalt stones, placed on the body along energy pathways are unfolding their soothing effect, before being used for a marvellous stroking and tapping massage that relaxes even persistent muscle tensions.
What a wonderful way to unwid!
back, neck & shoulders 30 minutes - £33/ full body - £48

6. Indian Head Massage
Minimum time, maximum tension- relieving results specifically targeting upper back, neck and shoulders as well as head and face areas. Just where you need it most.
35 minutes - £35

7. Permanent Contour Massage
The special massage and innovative technique cater for a gentle and aimed penetration of deeper skin layers by valuable active agents. You get to chose from the natures garden : 12 different pads available from the Occident India, the Far East and of course, from Europe.
Pure nature for both body and facial massages!
back, neck & shoulders 35 minutes - £30/ full body 75 minutes - £48

8. Back, Face & Scalp Treatment NEW
(with or without hot stones) 
Renowned as our ‘Hero’ treatment and loved by all; 
this ESPA experience delivers triple results by targeting three key areas – the back, the face and the scalp, making it the ideal treatment for anyone.
Includes: Back exfoliation- back massage (120 minutes with hot stones)- facial- scalp massage
85 minutes - £80
Phone:  01763448197
Mobile:   07546472819


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